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A Message from Executive Director George Whalen

george whalanWelcome to the web-site of the RI Contractors' Registration and Licensing Board. It is indeed an honor and privilege to be able to provide these services to the people of our great State.

Our mission is “to safeguard the consumers rights related to contracted improvements to residential property, while providing a fair and positive environment for the construction industry.”

In this endeavor, we will try to assist contractors and consumers try to settle any disputes that arise within our jurisdiction.

Important Notice

Announcement concerning Home Inspectors, Commercial Roofers, Well Drillers and Pump Installers

Legislation was passed to implement the licensing of home inspectors, commercial roofers, well drillers and pump installers instead of the registration requirement.

The Board has been working on obtaining a third party testing agency and recently reviewed the request for proposals received from the Division of Purchasing.

At the December 11, 2013 Board meeting the Board has selected PSI Services LLC to provide the testing services relevant to the new licenses which will be issued by the Board. Upon the signing of the agreement with this provider, examinations will be developed in each of these disciplines to accommodate the candidates who want to be licensed in these fields. Efforts will be made to expedite this process and to develop rules and regulations to provide for this licensing requirement.

We are looking forward to partnering with PSI to better serve the citizens of our state in raising the bar to meet the challenges of the industry.



ATTENTION CONSUMERS: After a Disaster Don't Get Scammed!

Contractorsí Registration and Licensing Board Warns Consumers about Non-Registered Contractors after Disasters

Non-Registered contractors, unscrupulous as they often are, prey on victims in or after natural disasters. It is a misdemeanor offense to not be registered in the State of Rhode Island without a proper registration card issued by the Board and violators are subject to fines of up to $5,000.00 for the first offense. Consumers can protect themselves by using RICRLB's resources to check on a contractor's registration status and history.


Board Reminds Contractors They Must Hold A Valid Registration in the State of Rhode Island To Work.

In Rhode Island, the Board reminds contractors that they must hold a valid contractor's registration in order to perform most work on homes and other structures damaged or destroyed in natural disasters as well as commercial structures.

Before hiring a contractor...

If your home or property has been damaged by a flood or other disaster, donít let unscrupulous individuals take advantage of you during this vulnerable time.

Before you hire a contractor or sign any documents for repairs, please consider taking the following basic steps, offered by the State of Rhode Island Contractorsí Registration and Licensing Board:

  • Donít rush into repairs, no matter how bad it may seem, and things are usually pretty bad when it comes to water damage, please get at least (3) three bids.
  • Never pay CASH, especially up front before work is started!
  • Get proof, see the card issued by the Board, that the Contractor is registered insured.
  • Be cautious about door-to-door sales pitches or flyers that are left on your doorstep!
  • Ask family and friends or business associates for recommendations about someone they may have hired that was dependable. References are good but you can also check with trade organizations and verify credentials from the Boards website.
  • Even for the smallest job, get proof that the person you are dealing with has a contractorís registration or the required license if he is a tradesí person, for the type of work that needs to be done.
  • Get your contract in WRITING, and be specific and detailed for every aspect of the work!
  • Avoid large up front payments, and donít release final payment until all work has been completed.
  • High pressure sales and exurbanite prices in these times are not unusual; use common sense and make sure you get multiple quotes for the same work.
  • Permits protect your interest; make sure they are properly obtained, it is required by law.
  • R.I. Contractorsí Registration and Licensing Board (www.crb.state.ri.us) 401-222-1270
  • R.I. State Building Code Commission (www.ribcc.ri.gov) 401-222-1129
  • R.I. Emergency Management Agency (www.riema.ri.gov) 401-946-9996
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) www.fema.gov or 800.621.FEMA946

Legislative Changes 2008

With passage of H-8279 many changes will be implemented shortly at the Board. Some of those changes include:

  1. Clarifies “Board” definition to assure appointed staff can act on behalf of the Board as designee;
  2. Defines “monetary damages” as the dollar amount required in excess of the contract amount necessary to provide the claimant with what was agreed to be provided under the terms of the contract, reduced by any amount due and unpaid to the respondent inclusive of any and all awards and restitution;
  3. Requires nonresident contractors to file with the Board a Power of Attorney, constituting and appointing a lawful attorney to whom all processes can be served and obligation to inform Board if change to this status;
  4. Board may assess an interest penalty of 12% annually when a monetary award is ordered by the Board;
  5. Failure to provide or falsify information on an application or any document required by this chapter is punishable by a fine not to exceed ($10,000) ten thousand dollars;
  6. Disciplinary action can be taken when a registrant fails to pay a fine or comply with any order issued by the Board;
  7. Fines of up to $5,000 for each 1st violation of this chapter or Rules or Regulations promulgated by the Board. Clarifies additional fines in regard to face value of contract and monetary awards as being inclusive;
  8. Requires notice of expungement proceedings to be sent to claimants who were subject of the violation by the registrant petitioning the Board for expungement;
  9. A $10,000 fine to anyone trying to deceive or circumvent the registration process to enable a person whose registration has been suspended or revoked to conduct business. Violators shall be jointly and individually liable for any damage resulting from this type of activity;
  10. Clarifies language that the Board shall order any action deemed appropriate including action on contractors’ registration and compensation, inclusive of claims;
  11. Clearly defines powers of the Board to award monetary damages and fines, order specific performance of any contract and provide any of the relief and/or remedy by law or Rules and Regulations;
  12. The law now allows the Board to institute a bonding requirement of up to  ($30,000) thirty thousand dollars when action on the contractors’ registration has transpired.

Mission Statement:

"Our mission is to safeguard consumers' rights related to contracted improvements to their residential property while providing a fair and positive environment for the construction industry."

Contact us at:
1 Capitol Hill Providence, RI 02908

Phone (401) 222-1268
Fax (401) 222-1940
TDD (401) 222-6334

The information contained in these sections is not meant to provide legal advice. If you have specific questions about any matter in the above sections, you are encouraged to consult with your attorney or contact us.